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not domesticated or otherwise controlled.


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The Michelin Guide does not give Stars to Private Chefs but that doesn't stop me from giving you an Untamed Experience worthy of  Michelin Standards  & Quality in the comfort of your home. From the Sourcing of the Ingredients to the Masterful Preparation & Execution this can only be called Untamed.

~ Chef AJH

The Untamed Chef

Chef Hernandez cooked one of the most memorable dinners I have ever eaten this last Saturday Eve.   6.5.21


At the risk of sounding pretentious, I have dined at every single Michelin starred restaurant in California, including the 3 starred  French Laundry, Manresa, Atelier Crenn , Benu, Quince , Single Thread , The Restaurant at Meadow Wood and Aquerello ( which is beyond me how they even received one star ) I have also dined at the 3 starred New York restaurants Per Se , Eleven Madison Park,  Le Bernardin and Jean Georges ( they recently lost a star I believe )along with several Michelin starred restaurants in Italy including the 3 starred, And no 1 ranked in the world Osteria Francescana and at several other restaurants in France of the same caliber. 

 I am one 100% percent certain that Chef Hernandez belongs in the Michelin starred club. His dinner was creative with explosive , complex flavors , it was absolutely fantastic.! The only negative was my inability to contain my appetite for the very abundant size of the beautiful, presented portions . After our dinner , I reserved the chef for my upcoming birthday and Christmas dinners .


I highly recommend this talented chef without any reservations for a dinner to remember.



Dr. Luigi Piciucco PHD

Rancho Cordova CA


  a skilled professional who is the chief cook in the kitchen 


Thumbtack Best Chef   2015-2016

Top Pro 2018 2019 2020 2021 

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Foody Tv's #1 Watched Show  World Wide


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