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Albert J. Hernandez The Untamed Chef 


Albert J. Hernandez the Untamed Chef


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Food is my Passion I cook the best for the best. I use seasonal products, all natural fresh never frozen USDA Prime Quality all Organic and pesticide free Ingredients, to create my version of Cuisine that can be simply called Untamed. I am The Creator of Albert J. Hernandez The Untamed Chef, this concept brings me into the Hearts and Homes of Millions of People all over the globe by way of  Foody TV, AgnetWest Radio, The Untamed Chef Venues/Private/Personal Dinners, The Untamed Chef Cooking Demonstrations,  & Albert J. Hernandez The Untamed Chef  Media. I am a Known Public Figure, a regular on NBC KSEE 24, I am a 46 Time award winning Chef, I started to compete in 2012 & I have obliterated over 1200 Chefs and Restaurants who accepted  my challenge and I am just getting started.... I was always told my style could not work..... You be the Judge.

~ Chef AJH ~

Special Thanks To Jesus, Mary, Joseph,  & all  my Personal Sponsors.

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