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My Recipes are designed to make life easier and amazing. Food should be simple and fun not full of boring recipes that scare people before they even attempt to try and cook. All these recipes are not just amazing they are inspired by St. Joseph and my 13 Year Career as an Award Winning Chef & Student to the industry I love.

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 2 Minute Salmon Untamed 

by Albert J. Hernandez The Untamed Chef

Equipment you will need

Non Stick Pan

Spatula/Slotted Fish Spatula

Non Stick Pan

Large Spoon (Perferebly Non Metal)


2 Salmon Steaks 4oz Each 1 inch Thick

2 T Vegetable Oil

1 T Butter

1  Sprig of Thyme

1 Sprig of Rosemary

2 T Untamed Chefs Seasoning

A) Put the heat on your pan to Med-High heat & Allow to sit for 1 min

B) Add Oil to the Pan 

C) Add Seasoning on the Skin Side Only of your Salmon & place seasoned side down into your pan

D) Add Butter as well as Rosemary and Thyme

(Place on Top of Salmon)

E) Cook For 1 Min While Constantly Basting with a Large Spoon (Best way to do this is tilt your pan down and scoop oil)

F) Carefully flip over your Salmon and Cook for 1 Minute while Constantly basting exactly like before 

G) Carefully remove from pan & Enjoy (Resting 5 Mins Optional)